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Welcome to your website for making cool things even more awesome. I'm Dave Kessner I have been Hand Engraving and Designing Jewelry since 1988 Taking peoples ideas and transforming metal surfaces with them. Engraving everything from shotgun receivers and pistol slides, and Harley Davidson V-Rod motorcycle parts. To anything you can image on a piece of jewelry including a name on a $80,000 18k Patek Philippe complication watch. When I engrave something I put a white watercolor paint on the piece draw the design on the painted surface with a really sharp pencil to create the crispest layout lines. Once the design is approved I take a small chisel called a graver and cut the drawing into the metal. Buff of the paint and you have an engraved piece. .

I also create one of a kind custom jewelry. I work in almost all the new contemporary metals stainless steel, titanium and cobalt chrome. Custom duck band rings of any millimeter width and font are one of my specialties. I take just about any idea you have, and can create a piece of jewelry from it. Whether it is creating a ring from scratch out of any of the precious metals and gem stones. To engraving a mountain range on the out side of a titanium ring. Get custom designer quality without having to pay the big store price. Inside are some of the pieces that Dave Kessner with the guidance of the individual client created to express their unique desires and individual taste. It's all about your smiles.

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