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About Me

While working as a welder and machinist apprentice after high school, I met a jeweler at an exhibit in a local mall. He was manufacturing jewelry and I was fascinated with his work. I struck up a conversation with the gentleman and became more intrigued. I asked him how I could become a jeweler and he suggested going to college at Gem City College in Quincy, Illinois. He also said “If you want to be a good jeweler study hand engraving first. It will train your hands in a whole different dimension and make you a much better jeweler”. That turned out to be some of the best advice I ever received. I liked the work I was doing and realized I was actually doing a similar thing by making objects fit into other objects with close tolerance and following design drawings. I, then and there, decided that I could expand on the training I already had by learning to make beautiful jewelry. I went home that night and told my Dad “I know what I want to do with my life”.

After graduating from Gem City College in 1988 I moved to Salt Lake City where I gained employment at O.C. Tanner’s Retail Store. It was there that I was lucky enough to meet some of the old world masters and learn, from them, intricate stone setting techniques and how to work with platinum. Six years at O.C. Tanner and four more at other high-end jewelry stores, where I was constantly challenged to ever increasing degrees of difficulty, honed me into a Master Craftsman.

An opportunity arose after those ten years to work in a high tech machine shop in Sunnyvale, California. There I worked with a master machinist who taught me some real cool things that I use to this day in my jewelry shop. But I missed my first love and after a year I returned to Salt Lake City and opened my own business. It is there that I have been a jeweler behind the scenes for about five years making custom jewelry for high-end stores that want quality presentations for their customers.

Those early years reading blue prints and design drawings still dwell in my psyche and when I look at a jewelry design I don’t see a piece of jewelry; I see a project that has to be made to look like the drawing. When that relates to your piece of jewelry it means you get your jewelry the way you want it. You should never have to settle for compromise. Working together we (again, you and I) see to it that you get your treasure just the way you want it and I get the satisfaction of seeing you smile.

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