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Mens gold wedding band engraved lions and crest
Marlin wanted a lot of family history symbolism put into his ring. The Welsh Lions and the flag of Jerusalem form the Crusades on a 6mm gold band.
Men's white gold wedding ring with elk and mountains
This was a real fun one Lynnette supprised Jeff with a ring that was of her own design. Using their sunstone cut into two sepperate stones and a colorchange garnet in the middle.
Duck band mens brushed titaniun
The best part about the duck bands is the personalization of each and every piece
Mens stainless steel duck band wedding ring with locked up duck
This is a 10m wide stainless steel Duck Band men's wedding ring. On the back side is an image of a "locked up duck".
White gold Duck band wedding ring with channel set diamonds
This was a cool one a 14k white gold duck band with channel set diamonds. It has a softer rounded surface for the ladies
Duck band titanium black lettering
custom is what it is all about
Duck band wedding ring custom
Duck head on the back of the ring above
Duck band wedding set his and hers. 14k white gold duck band for ladies, titaniun duck band for men
His and hers duck band wedding rings. Hers is 14k white gold 4mm wide, his is titanium and 8mm wide.
Duck band wedding ring 10mm brushed stainless steel unique layout
This 10 mm brushed stainless steel duck band has a completely different layout than any other custom duck band ring I have done. I love it when I get to do something that I have never seen
Duck band sterling silver custom
Sterling silver 10mm traditional font two line custom duck band.
Duck band wedding ring brushed titanium
Traditional 3 line duck band ring brushed titanium
Duck band wedding traditional font black lettering
Traditional 3 line duck band ring polished stainless steel black lettering
Duck band
A non traditional Roman Block was used in the layout of this Duck Band black lettering also
Duck band wedding ring custom
All Duck Bands are hand cut in any font you want, on any material rings are made out of except tungsten. High polish or satin finish. This one is cut with the traditional block used by the Game and Fish with a satin finish.\ Pick your design pick your width and material. Your ring is on it's way in two weeks.
Duck band wedding ring custom
Each and everyone I make tells it's own story
Duck band mens wedding ring
The best part about the duck bands is the personalization of each individule piece
Duck band mens wedding ring
Barbed wire engraved all the way around a titanium ring.
Elk ivory wedding ring mountains and elk head
I was sent this ivory from a client in Idaho. It was his design the stones are his and her's birth stones and a diamond bead set in 14k yellow gold. It has the head of an elk on one side, a mountain scene on the other side with a river running through a meadow and some teepees next to the river.
elk ivory mens gold ring
Scott got these from a beautiful big bull. He wanted an elk on one side and, then decided to put some mountains on the other side. The design process and wax carving made this a fun project. It's always nice to make something cool for a great friend.
elk ivory earrings
A pair or ivory's that we turned into 14k yellow gold earrings.
mens elk ivory ring
This ring was a gift Ray wanted the ivory to be set with the antlers being the holding fixture
Gold disk monogram pendant
Always a great gift idea available in gold silver and platinum. Contact us for pricing and monogram styles
Stainless steel dragon ring
Ayshen contacted me wanting a 7mm wide stainless steel ring with a dragon on one side and her boyfriends business logo on the other side. ( 7mm is barely over 1/4")
Mens titanium wedding ring engraved scrolls and silver inlay
Brian contaced me with this cool idea for a ring. He had ordered one before talking to me from someone else and when he recieved it he didn't like the quality. I was asked if I cold do a titanium ring with engraved guns scrolls and silver inlayed edges to match his photo. I feel great joy in the fact that not only did he get married wearing it but I made a new friend in the process.
mountain ring mens wedding ring
Brad and Patty knew what they wanted and brought pictures to make it easy and fun. I took Brads diamonds and created this mens mountain wedding ring, with the big diamond in the canyon like the rising sun and moon.
This one was fun one. Cobalt chrome itís been said you canít engrave it, itís too hard. The client knew exactly what he wanted, one snowflake on one side with a ďdĒ in the middle of it, and the other on the opposite side. With an engraved line connecting the two. With an inscription on the inside.
engraved titanium mountain mens wedding band
I had fun with this one Dennis sent me four pictures in a panorama and asked me to engrave the mountain range on a titanium ring for him.
tattoo wedding ring
Jennifer was so much fun to work with she wanted to have her tattoo put on the outside of the wedding band. With a sapphire and diamond accent to help give it a cooler look.
mens titanium wedding ring mountain ring
This is Tony's titanium version of Marin's mountain ring. We had to engrave the mountains on the ring because of the nature of titanium. Like Marin's the stones have very significant meaning in their representation and placement.
mens titanium wedding ring eternity
Ryan wanted eternity symbols to go all the way around the outside of his ring. The background has been relief engraved and the relief stippled. Leaving the symbols raised.
mens titanium wedding ring tattoo
This was a fun one Melanie took a picture of Phil's two tattoos and we combined them into one engraving on the out side of his titanium band that she surprised him with on their wedding day
mens titanium wedding ring
Nick wanted to have his initials engraved along with his wife's engraved on the outside of his titanium ring. With infinity symbols in between each set of initials. The background cut in relief and stippled to help accentuate the raised letters and eternity symbols.
mens diamond wedding ring
This one we took a couple of diamonds out of old mountings and turned them into a cool ring for a man to wear for a long time.
diamond engagement ring
This one the client wanted a white gold ring that had a suspended princess diamond, with a channel of diamonds curving under the center diamond.
gold mountain ring
Marin and Tony have a mountain range in Colorado that is very special to them. They gave me the pictures and we turned it into a gold wedding band. The diamond represents the rising full moon and the colored stones are their birth stones. There is lots of cool symbolism in this ring
engraved titanium mountain mens wedding band
This is Tony's titanium version of Marin's mountain ring. We had to engrave the mountains on the ring because of the nature of titanium. Like Marin's the stones have very significant meaning in their representation and placement.
platinum tattoo ring
Octavia came to me with a different kind of request. Anton has a cool tribal tattoo on the inside of his forearm and Octavia wanted to surprise him by having his tattoo engraved on the out side of a 12mm platinum band. She also wanted it to go all the way around and to have diamonds set in the design to help it look more like a Wedding ring.
platinum tattoo ring
It took more than 3 photos to show the full design
art deco platinum ring
This ring she had a really cool 2ct antique mine cut diamond. She came to me with her "cool old diamond" and some pictures of Art Deco period rings and this is the ring we created in platinum to hold here "cool old diamond".
celtic ring silver daimond and sapphire
This Celtic design has a deep personal meaning to Shane and he wanted it to be the center focus of the design on this ring he gave Landry. He wanted diamonds but didn't want them to be the focal point of the ring. He said to add sapphires to the sides and the trillion shape has a separate corner for mind, body, and soul.
mens platinum wedding ring
This is a platinum men's wedding ring. When he designed it he wanted the channel to look like a torn piece of paper. He also wanted to have diamonds set on each side, so that is what he got.
platinum pave engagement ring
This one we built a platinum ring around the clients center stone. She liked part of this ring and part of that one and we combined them to create this design.
platinum wedding bands pave
Tami had a beautiful platinum engagement ring that she wanted to have a couple of wedding bands made to match.These are the bands that will go on either side of her engagement ring. She said that she would wear only one band when she went out of town to help keep her 2ct center safe.
antique style diamond ring
This one was designed around a bunch of stones that the client inherited from her grandmother. She wanted to have a ring designed with grandma's diamonds that would look like it was made when grandma was young.
two tone engagement ring
This one was created with a specific design when we started. Platinum shank 18k yellow basket to hold the center yellow diamond. Diamonds in the corners of the euro shank. The circles in the basket were the clients idea and they make for a nice accent.
custom remount jewelry
On the left is a pile of jewelry that Toni gave me to re-design into something that she could wear. After a conversation and a couple of drawings we came up with the ring and the cross pendant on the right, using the gold and gems from the old jewelry.
antique filigree rose gold wedding band
This is a ring that we designed using an antique ring that was her Grandma's from the 1930s. She wanted rose gold and as close to the original design as possible with the garnet added to the center being bezel set.
white gold engagement ring with bezel set diamonds
Rochell saw me making a bexel set ring that had diamond going all the way around the ring and decided that's how she wanted the design for her ring to start. So we took the center princess cut diamond and added the rounds to the shank for a cool look.
white gold antique diamond wedding ring
When we designed this one he said that he wanted a setting that wouldn't snag and looked kind of old. Maybe even antique looking. I took the center and bead set it in a way I saw an Art Deco piece about 20 years ago from the 1930's.
diamond two tone ring
This one is 18k white and yellow. The design was based a round several rings that the client like parts of. We combined the different design elements from the various rings and this is the finished piece.
platinum ring yellow princess and white diamonds
This one has some of the nicest yellow diamond I have ever set. The platinum helps distinguish the round white diamonds from the yellow princess's.
two tone wedding ring rose gold and pink diamonds
This one the client saw several elements of different rings that they liked and we incorporated them into a design that was theirs. 14k white and rose gold pink diamonds and an emerald cut bezel set center diamond.
14k white gold mothers ring
A 14k white gold mothers ring with a blue zircon, aqua marine, and a diamond
14kw diamond and sapphire wedding band
This is a 14k white gold ring with diamondís and sapphires. There is lotís of family symbolism in this ring. It was fun putting Blueís ideas into Amberís ring.
This one is a simple pipe cut platinum ring that we totally changed with some bead set diamonds separated by engraved flowers.
yellow gold star sapphire ring
This was a fun on to design and make. Tracy said to make a ring that looked like it came form the 1960's with stars and a comet to go with the star sapphire and faceted colored sapphires I was given. It was fun taking a step out of the everyday stuff and make a yellow gold ring for a change.
celtic knot diamond wedding band
This is Isaac's ring to go with Rebeka's ring below. They wanted semi matching bands and we accomplished it by using the same Celtic knot in both rings. This ring als has a Florentine finish that was popular in the mid 1900's.
celtic knot diamond wedding band
Rebecka knew exactly what she wanted and how to have it laid out. All we had to do was get the design right and the rest was straight forward. She wanted the Celtic Knot on each side of center top of shank and the stones to be bordered with a rope
engraved white gold filigree ring
This is a white gold ring I made as trade for Tai Chi lessons. Two engraved bands with a wondering scroll in the middle
4ct.pear-4ct.round 18k pendant
18k yellow 4ct. round and 4ct.pear diamonds. fourty three .02 daimonds pave' set around the big diamonds
18ky emerald cut daimond baguette ring
Mary Louís ring was originally an eternity band constructed of these great big nice baguettes going all the way around the band. The emerald cut diamond was set with four prongs holding it right on top of the ring in the middle of the baguettes completing the circle of diamonds. When we re-designed the mounting I suggested lowering the center diamond so diamonds were sitting right next to each other instead of the emerald cut sitting above and having prongs that can snag. We also removed 8 of the baguettes from the bottom of the ring and added a solid euro shank to help keep the 7mm baguettes form being broken if something were to be picked up wrong and press against the bottom of the ring. The diamonds that were removed were going to be set in earrings to match the ring. We opened up the space under the top diamonds and created a gallery to show off the underside of the stones. Also we added an M under the center stone to give it that personal touch.
diamond white gold ring
Jolynn contacted me knowing exactly what she wanted with her stones. We talked and sent drawings back and forth via email and finally had a design for her 2ct. center and Ĺ ct. sides. 4, .08ct diamonds bead set down the sides and 3, .01 set in the vertical sides. Platinum with engraved accents. This one was fun and Jolynn was great to work with. She made my part easy because she knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it to be.
14k pave'remount ring
This one I took several rings that were inherited from her Grandmother and turned them into one ring. The center came out of a four prong white gold cluster ring with the little ones prong set around it. The sides were a set of earrings and a channel set eternity band. It is 14k yellow.
14kw diamond ring
This one she had the stones to start with and wanted something a little different. Something light and open but could be wore just about all the time. 14kw
tanzanite diamond ring
This ring was made for one of the nicest ladies in the whole world. The Tanzanite was removed from a four-prong mounting. A few pictures and exchange of ideas and this is the end result. 14ky engraved mounting with just over a half carat of Vs1 diamonds.
14kw filigree engagement
Bree had a friend draw a picture and I took her picture and worked it over a little. We took the diamonds out of a family ring and made this 14k white gold filigree ring.
14w filigree Wedding band
After we designed and made Breeís filigree engagement ring we designed a wedding band to match. It was to have a matching random filigree pattern and random bezel set diamonds.
diamond engagement
This ring we designed with the thoughts of security of the diamond utilizing a half bezel design in 14k yellow gold. Jessey wanted to be able to see the entire diamond and created the rest of the mounting to show off this beautiful Vs1 diamond.
two tone gold wedding ring
Kristin was great to work with. She sent me several pictures of different rings. Pointing out the sections of each ring she liked. From there we started drawing pictures. Once we got the drawing right it was just a matter of making her old ring look like the picture. 18k yellow and white, with platinum scrolls.
two tone gold wedding ring
This is a same view, of three different pictures of the same ring at different intervals. First was the wax stage. Then came the assembled and polished stage. Then came the final finished piece after engraving and milgraining.
18kw wedding band to match antque ring
This one was a real fun one. My client gave me a workable drawing and with a few modifications this is the finished 14kw ring.
18k white micro pave'
Cindy had a diamond solitare and wanted one like she had seen in platinum but she wanted it in 18k white. So that's what we ended up doing was making this little ring to hold her 1ct. radiant cut diamond. There are 106 pave' micro diamonds + the center stone.
diamond baguette engagement
This one was a labor of love I made this one for my favorite Cousinís Fiancťí Tracy. This is a white gold mounting holding an incredible VVs1 diamond and Vs1 baguettes.
engraved platinum diamond eternity band
This ring was made from a couple of Tracyís Grandma,s old rings. She wanted to turn them into one platinum ring. She wanted to have it engraved to give it a semi antique look so that she would always be able to think of her Grandma when she looked at it.
emerald cut diamond wedding set
Chad designed this ring with Christens active lifestyle in mind. He wanted the diamond securely set and the wedding ring to be interlocked with the engagement ring.
two tone baguette diamond and sappire ring
Jim and Lorie were great. They came to me with an existing ring they had designed many years ago, and asked me to make one like it only different. They wanted it to be lighter thinner and more feminine. Each component of the ring has significant meaning and represents a different aspect of their lives. It is 14k yellow and white marquise sapphires and baguette diamonds.
diamond sapphire ring
In order to post this one on the web site, Candice made me Pinky Swear that I would never make another ring like it. We designed this one on a napkin at the Spaghetti Factory in Salt Lake. She knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted the stones to be arranged. It took me a minute to figure out how I was going to get the marquise diamond and the trillion sapphires into the same channel. This is the ring that We built together so she could wear what she always wanted forever. 14k yellow center and 14k white side bands.
platinum filligree ring
This was a restoration project when I got this ring it was smashed and all broken. I took the diamonds out of the old platinum ring and made a new ring to look like the original antique ring.
bead set, bezel set, prong set, 14k two tone ring
Sometimes it's fun to tear apart a ring and turn it into something else. This was a two-piece wedding set that was taken apart and turned into this 14k white with yellow tubes ring.
14kw diamond anniversary band
Kelly wanted an Anniversary Band for Torianne that was the traditional 3 stone arrangement, but wanted it to be different than the ones you see everywhere. We through around some ideas and started with the basic look, but removed the prongs and added half bezels to help make the mounting more secure and to help keep it form snagging. The center basket has been opened up to allow the whole stone to be seen.
white gold diamond pave'wedding band
Mendi had the diamonds for the ring she wanted. Staring with the 2ct. princess diamond in the center, quarter carats on the sides. She knew what she wanted and the way she wanted it. We drew some designs to make sure we were on the same page. Added the "M" in the gallery under the center diamond, to add a personal touch. 40 bead set diamonds plus the 3 majors. 18k white
white gold diamond ring
This is the next version of the ring below. Ryan wanted to supprise Jennifer with some diamonds in the wedding band. He told I was going to get the setting checked. We did a total make over pulling the wedding band off each side and adding new ones with diamonds for their anniversary. The original version is the ring below.
white gold diamond ring
Jennifer found me through a mutual friend after ending up being disappointed by one of our local jewelers. She had made the job way easy being already equipped with a design she had drawn herself. To make a long story short they couldn't get the job right and ended up loosing a client over it, because of the way they treated her. That's when she met me she was real apprehensive after her previous experience. I included her in every step of the manufacturing process. We even figured out how to intertwine the wedding band the way she wanted it. Which she was told was impossible. This is the finished 14k white wedding set.
18k white gold filigree diamond ring
Sheila was referred to me after having a bad ring made somewhere else in the Valley. I decided after this ring that I should always take a before to go with after shot. Anyway this is the finished ring after we pulled all her stones and remade it straight, and symmetrical so all the stones had a place to fit. We added the flowers and personalized it with an S under the center stone.
white gold emerald cut diamond rubt ring
Mandy knew what she wanted as far as stones went. An emerald cut diamond and baguette rubies, and an idea of the mounting layout. It had to be able to wear every day and not risk snagging or catching on anything. A couple of pictures later and we have this secure and elegant 14k white Engagement Ring.
logo ring
This was a fun one Nick had his fathers ring with the logo of the family business on it. We redid the old ring keeping the original design adding the diamonds from a ring Nick had and adding a white gold border on the external perimeter of the design top. We personalized it with names cut into the shank.
mothers ring
Russ wanted to surprise Lorrie with a Grandmothers ring. The center stone is for the grandbaby and the side stones represent the mother and the grandmother. We wanted to do a Motherís Ring with a twist.
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